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About Simply Lucid

Simply Lucid was created to promote holistic health + self-awareness in individuals + communities through classes, YouTube videos, consultations, events, and workshops.

Simply Lucid takes a holistic + integrative approach to healing. We combine ancient philosophies + healing modalities with modern technologies to support balance + harmony within individuals and the community.

Our natural tools + techniques are designed to help heal mind, body, and spirit. Some tools include reiki, breathwork, sound therapy, relaxation therapy, intention-setting, manifestation, meditation, and journaling.

We help guide individuals + communities to deeper and deeper levels of wholeness + wellness.

About Kayla


Kayla “Lucidfaye” Lowery is a holistic health + self-awareness educator who promotes mental + emotional empowerment through YouTube videos, consultations, workshops, events, and classes.


She creates content to help empathetic beings successfully navigate the human experience. Kayla has a BA in Psychology from The Ohio State University and is Reiki 1 + 2 Certified from The Reiki Center in Columbus, OH.

October 24, 2019



In this video, I talk about...
⭐️ Change + Transformation
⭐️ Libra Season
⭐️ Venus- Goddess of Love + Beauty
⭐️ Natural Beauty
⭐️ Relationships + Boundaries
⭐️ Communication

⭐️ Balance

Thanks for supporti...

October 24, 2019

Processing one of the times I was sexually harassed and decided to make a YouTube video about it! I can’t control what others do, but I can control how I react. And the reaction feels like reviewing VERBAL BOUNDARY SETTING!

I made this video to remind myself and others...

September 27, 2019

Howdy Astral Travelers!

I’m back with a new YouTube video where I talk about...

⭐️ Manifestation Practice

⭐️ Gratitude Practice

⭐️ Words as Spells

⭐️ Wants + Needs

⭐️ Visualization

⭐️ Not Settling

⭐️ Agency

⭐️ Intention-Setting

Thanks for supporting my channel as I love sharing...

September 26, 2019

Hello, Beautiful Beings!

I’m back with a new YouTube video where I talk about...

⭐️ Creating Legal Entities

⭐️ Types of Corporations

⭐️ Where to Get an LLC

⭐️ Why to Get an LLC

Thanks for supporting my channel as I love teaching about personal development + spiritual growth!


September 25, 2019

Howdy Astral Travelers! I’m back with a new YouTube video where I talk about...

⭐️ Time

⭐️ Correspondence Planets to the 7 Days of the Week

⭐️ Maximizing the Energy of Each Day

Thanks for supporting my channel as I love sharing esoteric information!



September 25, 2019

In this video, I’ll break down...

⭐️ grounding techniques for cosmic travelers

⭐️ balancing masculine + feminine energies

⭐️ talking with tree spirits

⭐️ travel updates + more!



Facebook: @simplylucid

Instagram: @lucidfaye

Email: lucid...

September 25, 2019

10 Healthy Road Tips for Solo Female Travelers

⭐️ Take every chance you can get to be fresh and clean. Do laundry. Brush your teeth twice a day. Join a 24/7 gym. ⭐️ Use resources like WWOOF, Workaway, and Couchsurfing to save money on room + board while travel. These ar...

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