⭐️ Sexual Harassment + Verbal Boundary Setting ⭐️

October 24, 2019


Processing one of the times I was sexually harassed and decided to make a YouTube video about it! I can’t control what others do, but I can control how I react. And the reaction feels like reviewing VERBAL BOUNDARY SETTING!


I made this video to remind myself and others that we have the tools we need to navigate complex, often uncomfortable, realities. We need not shrink in fear or be ruled by PTSD. Trauma healing is a long, rough road but totally worth it for better relationships, higher self-esteem, and more empowering experiences!


In this video, I touch on...

⭐️ Verbal Boundary Setting

⭐️ Sexual Harassment


⭐️ How Trauma Affects Relationships ⭐️ My Educational Background


Thanks for supporting my channel as I love sharing information that helps heal mind, body, and spirit!


Peace, Kayla



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